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Nick’s CBD Origin Story

I started a CBD company out of the entrepreneurial spirit my twin brother and I shared growing up. We always talked about one day running a successful business together. While my best friend and twin brother, Nick, is no longer with us, I’m dedicated to continuing our dream by building a CBD brand.

Nick’s CBD was created to honor the selfless life of my twin brother, who benefited from CBD’s healing properties. I hope his story can save lives and our company can deliver the incredible benefits of CBD to as many people as possible.

Honoring the Life of My Brother
Nick had a bigger heart than anyone I know. He truthfully would do anything for anyone.
Anything I couldn’t afford, Nick would try everything he could to help me. Nick had seizures and lost his driver’s license because he had them at night. He would ride his bike to class to get groceries and to make money on door dash.

In 2019 Nick went to school at Lynn University in Boca Raton and was about to graduate that
year. I was working at Panera Bread in Orlando to help pay the bills. We were both in a financial struggle, but we tried to see each other as much as possible. Nick even rode the train by himself to see me in Orlando.

The one story that sticks with me was one when we were in high school. Nick would give his new iPhone to a kid that couldn’t afford the latest phone or technology. He would let the kid he barely knew outside of one class, but Nick took the time to realize something that everyone else overlooked. I don’t know anyone that would give their phone up for even 10 minutes to someone else. He would give it up for a whole class period just so this kid could have a big smile on his face. Nick was so generous; he did things from his heart.

My first attempt at founding a CBD company was with crude oil. I knew it wasn’t the best
product, but it was all we could afford. I was giving him the CBD I had left from my first try at creating a CBD business. The oil helped Nick deal with his seizures, making life much more manageable.

Nick and I talked about the future a lot, and I never thought we wouldn’t grow up and work on a business together.

A Tragic Accident
On December 23, 2019, Nick was lost in a ski accident without a helmet. In memory of my brother Nick, I would like to offer all CBD products at a great price for everyone. And because of Nick, Nick’s CBD is discounted at manufacturing cost to help the people in need. I wish I could have offered this to my brother, but at least I will be able to help others by providing it to them.

A Variety of Affordable Full Spectrum CBD Products
Nick’s CBD offers consumers a variety of full-spectrum and THC free options. All our products are CBD with test results; we make the 3rd party COAs readily available for all online customers. Nick’s CBD also provides customers with free shipping for orders over $75.

Tommy Chong CBD Review
The inspiration behind Nick’s CBD should be heard by anyone that believes in the potential of cannabinoids. You can listen to Tommy Chong CBD legend explain the details of Nick’s journey and the birth of a company that believes in people above profits here.

Price Match Guarantee
To continue Nick’s legacy, I will do my best to help as many people as I can. That is why we are the first CBD company to offer a discount for medical patients. We guarantee our prices are the lowest online, and if not, we will price match our competitors by 5%.

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Giving Back in Honor of Nick
I believe Nick would still be here if he were wearing a helmet. The worst thing about it was we talked about needing helmets on our last ski lift going up the mountain.

We had Diamonds Dancing on the speaker, and life was great until we went down that hill. We skied at 70 mph, and that time we weren’t going super fast, but one mess up without the proper protection is all it takes.

Sharing my story with you is hoping I can help impact you in thinking about putting your seat belt on when you get in your car and putting a helmet on when you go skiing or biking. I will be donating as much as I can to helmet heads. Including $20,000 we had gotten from donations when Nick had passed. All of that will go to Helmets Heads. They do great things, and I would love to support that cause, and I hope you will too.

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